Two Months Later…

It’s been two months since I put up this site and my Etsy page and I haven’t yet managed to upload any images or any items for sale.  What can I say?  Life gets in the way.  I intend to do it soon, I promise.  In the meantime, I was in Toronto at the Creativ Festival and I took some great classes.  I’m  incorporating some of what I’ve learned in some new jewelry pieces I’m working on.  I particularly have a new appreciation for Swarovski Crystals.  They are beautiful, but I was never sure how they fit into my design aesthetic before.  Now I am finding ways to use them and like how it’s working out.

I also took a Quilting 101 class in Toronto and I’m pretty psyched about finally learning how to do this, since I’ve wanted to for years.  There are some great fabrics out there and I’m so inspired by the colors and patterns that I’ve found.  I’m even more excited to start silkscreening my own fabrics and using them in quilting and other projects.  Yes, a million ideas running through my head, and still nothing on this page to show for it.  A little bit of a let down.  Still, I’m hoping when I finally open up the store, it will have been worth the wait.  I’m guessing that before the holidays is probably the ideal time to do it.  Gifts for your friends and family!  Handmade, by me!!!  Okay, getting a little ahead of myself, since there’s nothing up here for sale yet.

But, really, soon.  I promise…

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