And Time Goes By…

If only the ideas in my head and the supplies in my apartment translated into action, creation…  Alas, life continues to get in the way.

I have spent a lot of time focusing on my day job, which hasn’t been all bad as said job offers a measure of creativity for me, has been particularly fulfilling in the last couple of months and provides me with the ability to eat, pay rent and indulge my addiction to craft supplies, books and magazines.

If only I could somehow find the ongoing energy to add leisurely craft time back into the mix, someday this dream of an active craft blog and Etsy and Artfire stores might be a reality. how to treat grey fox with mange ivermectin

I have managed to get back to the pottery studio and have finally glazed a bunch of tiles and mosaic pieces that are holding promise to actually become completed projects soon. ivermectin oral suspension dosage for humans   I have a mosaic mirror made from my silkscreened tiles currently in the display case of the West Side YMCA, along with my many talented fellow students and teacher.  I keep threatening to post images of stuff I’ve made.  And now that I own TWO digital cameras, there’s really no excuses…except I keep making them.

I’m hoping that the relatively slowed down pace of the rest of the summer will provide me with more opportunity to create and take action.  I’m also taking some steps to put myself out in the creative community again.  Hopefully this will get me where I want to be. ivermectina profilactica   We shall see..

Meanwhile, it’s 4:12am 4:22am and the insomnia monster has obviously reared its ugly head again.  Oh well, what’s the Web for if not to surf on a sleepless night…

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