Having a small start-up crafts business mean that I also hold down a day job. While it would be great to make my living with my artistic endeavors alone, that day has yet to arrive and so I am fortunate to have a job that I like that supports me as I build my little online empire (or future empire). horse reaction to ivermectin   What it means, though is that often Girl in Gotham Designs doesn’t get as much attention as I’d like to give it.  My full time job requires a lot of my time and energy and so I sometimes find my well of inspiration and creativity a bit depleted. ivermectin metabolism   That’s been the case over the last several months.  Fortunately, having a full time job also allows me the luxury of a real vacation every now and then.

I’ve just returned from a week away, and after the sun and sand of Bermuda, reading, roaming, perusing the art and jewelry of the many talented artists on that beautiful island, I’m home and I’m relaxed, renewed, and creatively refreshed.  As much as I didn’t want the vacation to end, I couldn’t wait to get back and start working on my jewelry and ceramics again.  It’s a great feeling.

I’m experimenting with some new things and hope to have them online in the coming weeks. ivermectin tablets for sale   Stay tuned.  Meanwhile, here’s some visual inspiration I brought back with me…

One thought on “Refreshed…

  1. It was great to meet you at our studio – thanks for taking the time to chat. Love your site. Hope you get to return to us again one day and moreso that you fulfill your dream like us do your creative work as a living.
    Best wishes

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