Being a “Student” again…

I’m of the mind that we never stop learning.  Our lives are constantly evolving and we have so much capacity for new information, skills, epiphanies, whatever, even as we get older and have left formal education behind.  And I know that for me personally, taking classes helps focus and inspire my creativity.  I’ve been taking pottery classes for about the last decade, and though I don’t spend as much time in the pottery studio as I used to, I look forward to to being there, working on new projects, finding inspiration and motivation from my teachers and fellow students and the unique perspective that everyone brings to the table.  It’s an important part of my life, but it’s also become a bit of a habit.  So, to shake things up a little and continue expanding my horizons and refresh my creative well in a new way, I decided to take a 3D Design class this summer at the School of Visual Arts.  The class has only met twice, but I absolutely love it.  We’ve turned in one assignment so far (which I need to take pictures of and post, soon) and have been given our second assignment to start making sketches.  We’ve also been asked to think about what larger goals and projects we have in mind for the rest of the summer.  Being in the class is opening me up and helping me think in new ways about the kinds of things I create and the kinds of things I want to create.  And it’s nice to feel like a student again and to be given challenges and make my brain think in a different way.  I’ve only just begun but it’s already opening me up to new and wonderful possibilities for making art.

Stay tuned for pictures…

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