#reverb10 – making my way to the new year…

I haven’t been posting here near enough and I’ve made a commitment to myself to start writing more regularly. كازينو البحرين   So, I have decided to participate in #reverb10, although I’m starting several days late.  #reverb10 is an online project to reflect on the year and manifest what’s in store for the next.  Since I was recently laid off from my day job, I now have the unique opportunity to focus on what comes next in my creative life.  While I will still need to find a new job, I can spend more time flexing my crafty muscles, making more jewelry, pottery, and my latest inspiration, lighting.

They (whoever they are) say that you should end your year doing what you wish to spend your next year doing. And since I wish to spend the next year building up my creative life and taking it to the next level, it seems apropos that the first #reverb10 prompt to which I’m responding, is:

12/6 – MAKE

Skull EarringsHere’s a picture of a work in progress. Skull earrings.  I’ll post what the finished product looks like when they are done. مواقع القمار العالمية   They are made out of shrink plastic that I’ve covered with colored pencil and rubber stamped on the Skull image.  Once it’s shrunk to size, I edge it with silver leaf pen.  I’ll add beads and ear wires and they are good to go.  I guess they look a little Halloweenie, but I like the orange.  I may make them in other colors as well.

I need to make a bunch more things for the holiday sale I’m in at the West Side YMCA.  I’m working on a couple of ceramic lamp bases, and I also want to finish the chandelier that I started in my design class this summer.  Oh, I also have a bunch of holiday gifts I need to finish making.  Much more enjoyable than applying for jobs, but I do have to make sure I schedule time to do it all.

I’ll post more soon and may include responses to the previous prompts for the days I’ve already missed. تعلم القمار

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