This year I was incredibly fortunate to take a 3D Design Class at SVA with the amazing and inspiring Kevin O’Callaghan.  I learned so much in his class and I had classmates who were also inspiring and supportive of the work I was doing and wish to continue doing.  Kevin, along with “The Pants” (Kevin dubbed us the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) are a new community in my life and I’m so lucky to have them.  When I told Kevin that I’d been laid off, he didn’t skip a beat, merely told me that it meant I’d be able to spend time at the workshop now. Just what I needed to hear.

I also continue to appreciate the community of my pottery class.  The many talented artists with whom I spend each Friday night, are some of the kindest, most generous, and most hilarious people I know.  They’ve helped me through some crappy times and celebrated with me in good times.  My teacher, Matt Nolen, had a similar reaction to Kevin’s when he found out I’d been laid off.  He said, “Well, time to start focusing on your jewelry and pottery!” Yep, it’s true.

Tonight I had dinner with my friends Sarah and Jonathan.  We’ve started a conversation about world domination. اللاعب ايدين هازارد Okay, not quite, but a plan for something really exciting for all of our futures.  I’m not ready to discuss the details just yet (that will come soon), but they are a community with whom I am excited to grow over the course of the next year and beyond. روليت فرنسي

People always talk about what a big city New York is and those who don’t live here wonder how those of us who do can stand to be around so many people all the time.  What they don’t understand is that as big as it is, New York is really just a a lot of small overlapping communities and neighborhoods that make up the whole. ٧٧٧ It’s one of the things I love so much about living here.  And it’s why I know that I’m in the right place.

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