A Florida Respite…

I’ve spent two weeks in Florida, working and visiting my family. I also participated in the Indie Craft Bazaar at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale and had a great time. In the week leading up to the show, I made lots of earrings (and other stuff that didn’t quite get finished):

And on the big day, I put together a table that I kind of loved:

When I get back home, I need to put some of these things that aren’t already there, in my store.

Artist Market @ 25CPW

A little last minute surprise. I’ll be participating in the Artist Market at 25CPW Gallery on Saturday, December 15 with a table of other artists from the West Side YMCA Artworks program. The sale runs 12pm – 8pm (I’ll be manning the table 6-8pm.) There’s also a reception from 6:30pm – 9pm.

Our table will have jewelry and ceramics for sale and the event will also include some wonderful work from other local artists. A great place for one of a kind holiday gifts. I’m very excited about being included!


My New Year’s resolution was to do something creative every day and document it online. I’ve been doing that at Girl vs Inertia.

While I haven’t posted every day, this project has provided me with the impetus to play and be creative in new and interesting ways and my cup runneth over with ideas for new things to try. I’m particularly pleased with my latest ceramic work, so I thought I’d bring some of those pictures over here:

More of the collage pieces are in the process and I’m currently contemplating what they’ll become, but I’ll let you know when you can see these new items up in my store (in the not too distant future).

Crafting Adventures in the Sunshine State

I’m heading to Florida tomorrow evening for a long (and long overdue) vacation. I arrive about midnight and then 12 hours later I’ll be one of the vendors in the Indie Craft Bazaar: Let It Sew at Revolution Live in downtown Ft. Lauderdale.

I’m so excited to be participating in my first craft fair in my hometown and hope that I’ll make a killing (or at least some extra cash for enjoying my stay!) I’m a natural extrovert and so I love meeting people and talking to them about my work, and no matter how long I’ve been doing it, it’s always a rush to sell something that I’ve made. But, whenever I’ve participated in these types of events, my favorite thing by far is always seeing what kinds of stuff other people are making and selling. The coolest thing about the indie crafts/artisan movement is that there are so many interesting and different people, making all kinds of stuff. It’s truly inspiring and I’ve met some really wonderful artists (and people) while participating in and/or shopping at these kinds of events.

So, if you happen to be in the area, please come by for truly unique gift shopping. And even if you aren’t nearby, think about shopping handmade this holiday season. It’s a great way to support small businesses, talented artists, and your local economy.

On Inspiration…

A friend at work just introduced me to a new website that I have a feeling is going to become an obsession. Pinterest is a virtual pinboard where you can collect images from anyplace on the web. You can also upload from your own computer or add them via the Pinterest App. People seem to be using it for all kinds of things, but for me, it’s a great way to collect inspiring images and stuff I want to save for use later. I’ve started a few already:

  • Inspirations– things that inspire me in my artwork, my jewelry design, or just plain old everyday inspire me
  • In my dream apartment…– if money or space were unlimited, here are some of the things that I’d like in my apartment. And maybe I’ll be able to incorporate some of them or even just things inspired by some of them into my home decor.
  • My Style – some of my own designs and designs of others that inspire me or are reflected in my own.
  • I’m so excited about it because I am always finding things online that inspire me, which has made my bookmark list ridiculously large and nearly unmanageable, despite being pretty well organized. Pinterest is great because it organizes everything visually and gives me access to things like they would be displayed on an actual inspiration board. I don’t have to go to each and every website to see them. And as a bonus, I can share those inspirations with other people, who can in turn see all the cool stuff I’ve found (and have a little peek into my brain).It’s come just in time too. I’m revving up for holiday craft sale season and have been collecting inspirations for new jewelry (and other items) I’m making. I expect to be participating in a couple of sales in December and will keep you posted when I’ve confirmed them. I may also put some new stuff up in my Artfire store, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you want an invitation to Pinterest, let me know and I’ll send you one.